Book an Air Show

In cooperation with my friend and paragliding ambassador Veso Ovcharov from we started offering unique aerobatic air shows on demand. These events can be ordered for parties or vip events as a highlight of the evening. Multiple options are available with synchronized acrobatics mixed up with unique BASE & Cutaway stunts.

Acrobatic paragliding and free-fall is the most impressive attraction to catch public attention. Shows can be performed in any environment including urban areas which is especially fascinating for the crowds. Events can be planned with the use of helicopter, plane, hot air balloons or para-trikes depending on the budget and location. A stunning display of acrobatic rotations on all axis interconnected with cutaway systems and BASE jumping make it an unique mix. This is maybe one of the reasons why such a show has proved to be a strong asset of numerous marketing campaigns.

Book your show via the Contact Form or call +34 684 332 480.

Veso and Ondrej are leading paragliding athletes, double world record holders with an extensive professional portfolio. Both gathered vast experience performing all around the world for many years maintaining a 100% safety record.

They are also regularly performing on the most popular events around the globe. For example Coupe Icare/France, Oludeniz Internationals Air Games/Turkey, El Yelmo/Spain, X-Point & Elevation music festival/Bulgaria, International Beijing Show/China, Ekstremsportveko/ Norway, Sonchaux Acroshow/Switzerland, Espirito Santo/Brasil, Shows in Colombia, México or Albania.