Esfera World Record

While visiting Mexico I got invited by Jose Herrera-Fabul to visit Monterrey and jump from his hot-air balloon. I took the opportunity and spiced it up by attempting a World Record in the Esfera aerobatic maneuver. Thanks to weak winds in higher altitudes on the 28. December we managed to climb to 2800 meters above sea level. The team started to prepare the balloon around 6:30 AM and we were ready to launch at 7:45 AM for a 25 minute climb above Montemorelos.

Fabul jumped first equipped with a set of cameras to ensure that record will be filmed from a second angle needed for the ratification by FAI International Air Sports Federation. My roll-over jump followed shortly after, starting right away with a left SAT rotation initiating the first Esfera. After getting to the 7th Esfera things started to get hard as I was getting physically exhausted. In the end I managed to squeeze in a another two to total 9 Esferas.

Managing the record on the first attempt with everything running as planned and safe was a great way to finish the year 2015 on a high note. Thank you all that made this happen! Check out some photos bellow as well as the story clip on YouTube over here.